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World of Goo
January 30, 2009, 8:02 am
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wog-boxartI like World of Goo. It’s oodles of fun. Now I’m not a big game player [well, anymore] but there is something really refreshing about W.O. G. in the mode of gameplay and strategic emphasis. It’s also graphically stunning, a true work of art with a simple yet elegant presentation. The game is also easy to handle  but still quite challenging. [well for me it is].

Essentially, the gaming revolves around building framed structures [towers and bridges] using ‘goo balls’. The structures are built to get close enough to portal-like pipe which sucks you in the next level. Basic concept but cool eh? The interesting facet of this, by nature of these balls being ‘goo’, is that once you begin building these unwieldy structures become susceptible to tension, flexibility and gravity. So basically, the bigger the structure, the more it wobbles are if not supported properly. The need too of the structure change stage to stage as do the behaviour of goo balls. Sometimes the player will have to cross expansive gaps, climb hills, avoid moving cogs and other hazards or even edge up a tunnel.  



Pulling ‘active’ goo’s out from the main structure add to it’s form. As the form increases, it becomes essential to figure out how to support it so it doesn’t swing around.






Goo balls can be taken from the bottom and added above to build height, [while making sure the structure still has tension between the trees]. The floating eyes are clickable, allowing you to undo a move.





Nearly at the sucker pipe. As you build you get ‘metres to go’ updates.










There is something satisfying about supporting a game of the nature, which has essentially been built on the smell of an oily rag and for the pure love of it. The game is fashioned by an independent game studio, 2D Boy , which is made up of  just two fellas, Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel [former Electric Arts employees]. They did everything, even the music, which in itself is an amazing highlight. Listen for yourself…free download… World of Goo Soundtrack.

Overall top marks, a small game with real atmosphere and polish. 

The game is available for the Wii, Mac [sweet!] + that ‘other’ platform. Only $20 US [a steal, buy it].. or try the demo at least. 


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Available for the Wii eh… well, I am beginning to tire of Guitar Hero. And by tire, I mean get premature arthritis in my hands.

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