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Yo f$%kin’ Joe!
February 6, 2009, 1:30 am
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snake_eyes_largeHooray, finally the second of my favourite childhood  toy series is being made into a live-action film. GI Joe [Rise of the Cobra], although not out till August, looks promising from the early stills and trailer. From what I gather there will be a few new characters [predictably] + a good number of the old. It will be great to get reacquainted with them [well those I can remember], Baroness [played by Sienna Miller, yeow!], Destro, Storm Shadow, Hawk, Snake Eyes and of course Cobra Commander, COBRA! [played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in mask].

I hope they don’t sway too much from the old costumes which really made most of characters.  I admit since finding out about the film I’ve been checking them out on the old GI Joe toy archives and spotting the stuff I had and / or wanted at the time. I always felt shit about selling it all off.  All of it still looks cool. They don’t make great toys like that anymore. I like all the backstories too.



Early character questions: Are the twins going to be it? [Tomax and Xamot, who would play them]. Which headdress will Cobra Commander adorn? Will there be sexual tension between Destro and the Baroness?

Anyway I eagerly anticipate this one. I was universally bagged about my unnaturally excitement about the release of Transformers [even going to the midnight premier, though I didn’t dress-up]. But I like so who cares. We’ll see what this one has to offer. Bring it!

watch trailer here / official site


NB. So far I’m particularly encouraged by this image. →



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