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“religion” + “ridiculous” = “Religulous”
February 9, 2009, 2:04 pm
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religulous1 “There’s a smell in here which is going out last religion”

– Kenny [movie]

I always feels uncomfortable talking about religion, especially when it begins to expose some pretty skewed perspectives in people. Admittedly it’s fun to poke fun at most of it, mostly when people  live up to stereotypes but it can also be a little bit scary how naive some people are. Each to their own though, but for me… not so much.

Where am I going with this… well I recently watched  and enjoyed the documentary Religulous. This film basically tries to assert my same and complete disbelief and distrust in anything other worldly or rationalized by religious faith [especially that connected to Christianity]. This of course is a very touchy subject but I think the film does put on the table tactfully the bipolar nature of religious positioning. The necessary themes are surfaced, such as religion as politics /nationalism, corruption / wealth, interception into popular culture, homosexuality,  false prophets or idols, interpretations, science, and the concept of ‘historical fact’. From these some very confronting questions and conclusions come out [though no real answers].


The film is lead through by Bill Maher [renowned political comedian/ late night talkshow host], and directed by Larry Charles [Seinfeld, Borat], so  by nature of this combo the film does have a funny /witty intent and it is anything but objective. It’s hard for me to be objective about this subject too, but I enjoyed the film, mostly, but best if you form your own opinions. In regard of its tone, I think if you are religious, the film is unlikely to sway you but if your not it might reassert that which you already feel.

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Holly crap, that one is actually to be printed it’s so comprehensive.

Now seriously that is the sort of shit they publish at, think about it.

Nice mate

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