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Typographic Desk Reference [TDR]
April 3, 2009, 10:10 am
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I love my new book. Today I received in the post my very own copy of the Typographic Desk Reference [TDR], a small and beautifully produced book written and designed by Theodore Rosendorf.  This is the best and most comprehensive guide to typographic nomenclature and basic [and logical] classification of type. Others will likely disagree, but this is the best book on the  subject I’ve found so far and definitely one i’ve been looking for, for a long while; beautiful, clearly sequenced and unpretentious.  [link to site]

I discovered it a while ago and held off buying it because it’s a bit of wallet gouge, $45US + postage . It is also small and only 130 odd pages. But I decided to bite the bullet and get it anyway and am so glad I did, now that I see how my I’m going to use it. I highly recommend it.



I like supporting items which come from relatively small cottage productions too, in this case the antiquarian seller Oak Knoll Press+ Books, from New Castle Delware [link to store]. I find [usually], in terms of quality, purchases from these type of sellers are pretty low risk because there is always [generally] a big emphasis on craft, detailing and  sense of reward to the purchaser. In this case, all was true as well as being immaculately packaged and receipted it included an extra pamphlet detailing Oak Knoll and it’s history. Very cool. First time in a while i’ve felt special and privileged as a customer. 



This place looks like absolute heaven! A far cry from our sad old UBS.


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