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One Nine Nine Four
May 15, 2009, 10:41 am
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1994_a2_03.jpg This documentary looks really promising and really looking forward to peeping it. Although I listened to all the music covered in this film, Rancid, NoFX, Sick of it All etc, I can’t say I know much about the background and proliferation of the 90’s punk rock genre.

I find with a lot of rock and metal documentaries that I am often disappointed by a lot of them out because they tend to be annoyingly general, sweeping surveys. In some instances this is fine but sometimes you want indepth, more specific info from this format. I think this film, may be quite different because it’s focus seems quite narrow [in a good way] so fingers crossed.

I noticed while looking up about this there is another film of similar nature from 2007, called Punks Not Dead, so will have to track it down and see how it compares. Anyone seen it?

ONE NINE NINE FOUR isn’t out yet, [due for a June 12th release]. I’m guessing though, it will be in time to hit the film festival circuit this year. To get a sneak peak, peep the six-minute trailer + the website [link]. Looks like they managed to interview some pretty key people, Tim Armstrong, Fat Mike, Billie Joe Armstrong and so on, so cool.

I would like someone to make one also on Metal in the 90’s which I think has been sorely missing. There have been some good Metal docos of late namely, Metal: A Headbangers Journey and it’s sequel Global Metal plus the Heavy: The Story of Metal but again quite over-arching films. I know most people hate Nu Metal [and I to be honest hate this term] and the new wave of American Metal, but I like, so there, and again want to find out more.


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Surely you’ve heard some NOFX in your time savage? Punk in Drublic? 😉

Comment by Chris Sharp

Oh my bad, mis-read, you WERE aware of em.

Comment by Chris Sharp

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