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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
May 23, 2009, 7:14 am
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These shots from new Transformers film are particularly encouraging.

Watch the trailer [here]

transformers2transformers 1


Update [26 June, 09]

Just seen the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it [although quite long]. Like the Ravage character [one of my favs from old cartoon] + the many slow motion scenes of a dirty, roughed-up Megan Fox running and spilling all over the place. Smoldering, yeow! My only beef with the film is, at times, some really odd/ awkward editing. Some of the cuts, in relatively straight forward scenes, just seemed really forced . It sort of mixed up the continuity of the shot and logic of movement. But hey, it still made sense and overall give it 7.5 all-sparks out of 10.



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I notice a theme with Megan Fox and cleavage shots….where are the transformers???

Comment by Cassie

Their there. There is one camouflaged as tree behind her, and it’s implied that she’s looking at one and being chanced by one. Come on, more than meets the eye savage!

Comment by themachobox

SO so fine.

Comment by Chris

the visual effects of the Revenge Of the Fallen is awesome, the fight scene is even more impressive “

Comment by Winding Machine ·

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