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You know what really grinds my gears [part 4]
June 25, 2009, 11:56 am
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You know team, what really grinds my gears … it’s when people use words like: vis-à-vis or acronyms like FYI. They both sound so pretentious and really don’t make people sound any smarter. Man, I’ve got, as I’m sure you all do, oodles of these. I hate the word zippy. Not so in terms of a name, for example,  Zippy from Rainbow or Zippy the Pnhead, but rather when it’s used to describe something like a car. It seems every second car ad attempting to sell off a wee vehicle to go-getting women, without fail, describe the thing as zippy! Also, cheeky – when used to describe a drink or weekend [or a car for that matter]. Example, ‘lets sneak off for a cheeky wee  beer’. It’s such an Andrew Mulligan thing to say. Awwww! Shut the fuck up ya twat! And when people who have visted the UK, come back and start calling you geeza.

Ok, I could go on, but what I’m more interested in, is what others ‘word beefs’ are. So ok, what words, phrases, acronyms, terms or the like really grind your gears? Leave your comments now.


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My word beefs come from people mispronouncing words like ask. You know, when they say “I aksed him a question” and you want to axe them in the face.

One time I heard a guy say to another guy “your proNOUNciation is all wrong” instead of proNUNciation. And non-ironically too.

Comment by Luci

I’m pretty prone to mispronunciation but am very aware of it [and don’t hide the fact of having the reading age of 7 year old]. The only person I dare pick up on mispronunciation is my Mum who is an ex-Aussie, who occasionally lets out some Australian English, saying moll instead of mall and pewl instead of pool. She gets particularly annoyed when I hassle her for saying Pirate instead Piorot [you know that creepy Agatha Christie Belgium detective with a curvy tasche].

Comment by themachobox

There are a couple of words I just can’t spell either without a spellchecker. Namely the word ‘rhythm’.

Comment by themachobox

I’m getting over the whole poor pronunciation thing due to all the foreigners I’ve been around recently, its way more funny than anything else but what REALLY fucks me off is people writing ‘lol’ on the internet! Its the stupidest acronym ever! Its so retarded! I have an ex flatmate who, for a while, commented on almost every thing I put on facebook and she would write lol in every comment sometimes multiple times! Its not particularly illustrative of laughter, ha ha ha is sufficient! I actually am unable to express how crazy it drives me! It sounds like the sound a mental patient would make!!! Or a cat in the final throws of death!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. . . . . calm blue ocean calm blue ocean. . . . ok. . .ok I think I soiled myself! Better go clean up!

Comment by G Biscuit

I feel your pain bro. LOL is only good in lolcats, Don’t get me wrong I laugh but rarely do I explode and LOL or LMFAO. I also hate the overuse of ‘haha’. Once or twice is ok but not at the end of every sentence. Same goes for exclamation marks. Do people realize if you do it at the end of everything you write you are actually emphasizing nothing!!!!!

Comment by themachobox

The new one Ive heard over the last couple of weeks is BTW (by the way), and also I have noticed an increase in WTF…Just say the words, it actually takes less effort!

Comment by Cassie

and OMG. That woman who no one like and got kicked off the Bachelor last night used it about 3 times in one episode.

Comment by themachobox


Comment by Alex

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