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DIY gone ugly
July 6, 2009, 2:41 am
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worlds worst diy2worlds worst diy

Prize for the cheapest, nastiest looking fence  goes to … drum roll … tat-a-tat-a-ta-a-ta-a … 22 Greenacres Street [i.e. my parent’s neighbours]. 

Sometime last year the existing fence was pulled off so the neighbours could lay down some tarmac and swing a digger around [or something like that]. They said at the time, they would replace the fence and finally they have gotten around to it and this is the result. Is this ugly or what? This is great instance where DIY has definitely gone wrong. Where’s Cocksy when ya need ’em. It looks like something you would herd cattle through or set up for a compost heap. Trust me, it looks worst in person. 

Admittedly the fence that was there was falling down but you think it would be in the best interest [for resale value] to make the new one look like the style of the old [as to blend in somewhat]. But nooooooo. You can see in the second photo the old fence which joins right on to it and another instance where they have done a botched pin up with two planks on the old fence. Gross. I think they think it actually looks alright too, which is worrying. They have given the same treatment to other areas of their backyard. That guy from Grand Design would have an epileptic fit if he saw this disaster. Sigh, what can ya do, but grit ya teeth and bear it.


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