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Tweeting too Hard
July 31, 2009, 10:58 am
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This Twitter thing is pretty big now, though I must say I’m a little bored with it already. Basically, I can put this down to two things… 1] shit all happens to me that is worthy of a tweet and 2] for most people this is also the case [though they do it anyway]. Saying this there are some values I can see in it. I see value  in following people / sites that post useful links and immediate news updates, which sort of  crudely replaces rss for me [not that I used it beforehand]. I do struggle to see the value  from a business perspective. I guess it makes you more accessible and seem more personable but is it a money earner in the long run? How do you you generate money from it? Saying this, my interest here wains as I don’t own a business so don’t really follow it up enough to care.

It is another one of these digital world burdens though which I’ve unfortunately latched onto like Facebook, but realise it can be a terrible thing and a waste of effort. I stick in there though for one reason … as twitter esp. has this innate ability of exposing peoples peculiar personality traits which is mildly entertaining.  For example, the obsessive / compulsive person, the paranoid, the person who thinks they are funny but aren’t funny and the inflated ego slash delusions of grandeur[ness].  It amuses me and I scoff … ha ha … and  ha. And fondly enough it amuses others too. Check this: Tweeting too Hard [link]. I may have pointed this to people before but anyway it cracks me up – basically it’s a collection of ‘I am very important tweets’. Some examples:

“Watching a LOT of fashion mistakes go past whilst waiting for the bus. This is why I don’t use public transport.”

“A great business man once said: “The more money you have, the better person you are.” That great business man was me.”

“228 this morning. Rock-hard abs. Looking good. I’d fuck myself if I were flexible enough.”

“I have a wife who’s beautiful, a Mac & iPhone user, developer, gamer, Trekkie, and a fucking D-cup. Compromising is for other people”


Whatya think? I know these things, Twitter etc are here to help us communicate, receive info, make our lives easier? and for certain people, earn a quick buck and retire before they turn 30, but how much can we handle? What do we prove to ourselves through them? And once we check and update all these things how much have we gained vs how much have we lost? Are they just an accumulated burden? This is not a new thought but they do increasingly seem like a commitment I may not need. Saying that follow my inane tweets on twitter …. and be my friend on facebook, sigh.

A nice little graphic to finish off c/o mashable. You know who you are …



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