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Youtube Phenoms
August 3, 2009, 11:27 am
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There are tonnes of inane things that have become conspicuously famous via the mysterious video portal named Youtube. This site is great; the idea of putting the power of instant celebrity [whether people like it or not] into the hands of the home computer user, seems a wildly audacious thing, with of course good, bad and funny and sad consequences. Its a constant reference point for popular media now to quote this site as means to instantly purport someone to hero or humiliation. I could name at least 10 instances in recent times that its been mentioned in tv or film as a place to go to see or prove something popular.

Popularity is a strange concept which is often never based on quality esp in terms on youtube. Rather than do a boring dissection of what criteria makes for a ‘popular’ clip, I thought it be interesting to just collect a few here and see what others have encountered virally. I’ve recently been introduced to a few which I’ve not been aware of,  with a bent towards the funny and the strange.

What would be great is if people could comment with hints to clips that i’ve missed and I could add them to get a nice big collection going. Choice.

Start with somehing pretty current…

The Chk-Chk BOOM girl. This was great but apparently later exposed as bogus, i.e. she didn’t see the ‘fat and skinny wogs’ and the ‘chk chk boom’.

Here’s an additional interview with her, Clare Werebeloff on ACA [link]. Funny, she loves it, even though being goaded by the interviwer. It doesn’t seem to have back-fired on her at all, if anything the opposite has happened. I guess being an attractive bogan girl with a smart mouth in Oz pays off sometimes.

David After Dentist. A kid coming down off NOs. “Is this real life?” “I feel funny” .

This one is almost better as result of all of its send-offs. I like this Chad Vadar one the best.

Charlie Bit Me. Another kids one, and again the remixes are probably better. This one is especially well done. [link]. In a similar vein, this is one done by one of my students friends using the hideous Final Cut Pro training material [link]. Nb. Jimbo Borland is like 15/16 now, and I’m sure he regrets this greatly.

Julia Dale Beatbox. I don’t know if this one was big but it should be. Pretty freakin’ amazing.

Winnebago Man. Jack Rebney is a Winnebago salesman and he is one angry mofo. This ones quite old. It did the rounds as VHS tape dubbing back in 1988 and has now made a resurgence. They have even just made a documentary on him. Here is a clip on it via SWSX [link]

Montos and Coke. Mentos + Diet Pepsi = explosion.

Harry Redknapp. Not really viral just like it. Good old Harry fuckin fuckin fuck.

Rapist glasses. Sex criminal fashions. Complemented best by the pedophile beard.

Ok finally, this isn’t strictly a youtube clip and its one which I honestly have never seen and even heard of till recently. It’s a clip called: 2 Girls, 1 Cup, which is, according to wikipedia, a trailer for a porno film entitled Hungry Bitches. It involves two adult woman, a cup, defecation, eating, vomiting, and more eating. Use you imagination.

The linkage to youtube here is that its a big thing to instead of posting the video to tape yourself or friends reaction to watching the video. An example [link].

Has anyone seen this? Have I been living a sheltered life? Is it as worse as it sounds?

Of course, being the great socially aware people they are, Family Guy has taken it off:


Alrighty, what am I missing, there are plenty more epic funny, gross and strange viral clips. Please suggestions…


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