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More tales from South Dunedin
August 20, 2009, 10:51 am
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BloodsLately, there has been an increased amount of really amateur graffiti, tagging, vandalism whatever you like to call it in South Dunedin. Luckily my  place has been vandal-free,  though I’m sure my white garage will be too tempting and pieced up sometime soon. I’m ok with graffiti in the public realm in spaces and on surfaces that lend themselves to decoration.  I’m not happy though when relatively sleepy private residence are targeted because, whether intentionally or not. it feels ‘gangs-like’ and people become fearful [even though its probably just mere territorial pissing by kids.]  Most of the graff in my hood is literally however, gang signaling tags. Apparently my block is a ‘Bloods’ gang block [see photo above.] I know its all bullshit and just kids mimicking tv [one, it’s written in crayon] but it strangely makes you look out for gang-like activity.On my outing today there seemed a high proportion of people wearing red and literally there were two gang members with red patches, tattoos, leather everything lingering on the liquor store corner looking suspicious [I would of photographed them but I crossed the road to avoid and didn’t really want to get knifed.] There was also a grandma in a red  knitted top pulling one of those old person wheeled grocery carts. I don’t think she was gang affiliated but she may have had a shotty buried in that cart. Strange how paranoia works. I guess i’ll have to stop wearing blue from now on. Will keep you posted of further lewd activity.

fucking jesus2They are back! Those creepy Christian Crusaders are stalking my hood again [reference to my earlier post on the topic.] This time with new propaganda. I literally left my house for two minutes to get some cash from the servo and upon my return I was encountered with this tucked carefully under my door mat. Sneaky fucks. ‘How can you survive the end of the world?’ … more like “how can I get you guys to jump the fuck off’. The only thing this prompts me to do is to get around to digging up those weeds.


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Haha! Bloods – when I lived in Caversham we had some nice “bloods” grafitti at the end of the street. I was worried, when I moved to South D that I was going into Crips territory. That would never do.

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