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Pecha Kucha debrief
September 17, 2009, 11:24 am
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Pecha Kucha 3 was a great evening, well organised, with a range of wonderful speakers and topics. As a speakers its a strange and unnerving format. I mean I give anywhere between 30-40 lectures a year but this format felt completely estrange to what I normally deliver.  Becuase you only have 20 seconds per slide it doesn’t really allow you to linger on an idea. It forces you to be succinct and think carefully how the underpinning ‘narrative’ flows without necessarily being too single image bound. This is what I struggled with but I think I pulled it off well and got good feedback. I had a few laughs, a few gasps and a guy in the front row who would say either: ‘amen’, ‘preach’, ‘right on’ or ‘wonderful’ to every slide [which was a tad off putting, though I guess encouraging].

I won’t explain really what my sequence was on other than just saying, it had to do roughly with battling with being creative. My particularly obscure title: It’s ok, and other sunday things alludes basically to things that are ‘ok’ as a creative person, for example, ‘to not know’, ‘to be naive’, ‘to desperately cling to things you liked as a child because they hold meaning’, ‘to be persistent without reward’ and ‘to be self-deprecating’. These are my 20 slides from the presentation. Interpret as you will.

pc_slides[click on the slides to view bigger]

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