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Portrait Sketches
September 19, 2009, 1:47 pm
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I’ve been drawing quite a bit lately, for no good reason just maybe to watch less tv.  I’ve been drawing portraits mostly, relatively well-known people who I’m interested in. Some of the drawings are ok, but some are a bit wrong. I seem to particularly struggle with drawing the female face. Oh well, something to do. Here are some that I’ve done:

6Raymond Carver [American short story writer / poet]

Pyotr Tchaikovsky [Russian Composer]

5Franz Kafka [Austrian-Hungarian fiction writer]

Theodore Kaczynski aka The Unabomber [American mathematician. social critic and serial killer]

4Henry Darger [American post-humous writer and artist]

Fidel Castro [Cuban politician] – with wonky eyes

3Sofia Coppola [American film director]

Edie Sedgwick [American actress and socialite] – again wonky eyes

2Marlene Dietrich [American actress and singer]

Rob Flynn [American musician, Machinehead]

1David Lynch [American film maker]

Charles Schulz [American cartoonist, Peanuts]


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They look great mate! Good shit! I need to be doing something like this too! In time perhaps I will! Did they take long individually?

Comment by G Biscuit


Comment by Cassie

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