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Hosting Your Party
September 27, 2009, 2:16 pm
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This video is fucked. What the fuck are they talking about? < some inane windows party software they never show for Windows 7? huh … a party for a operating software launch????> This sounds like the suckiest party idea ever right? Such a weird situation and these robots don’t exactly do much to sell this thing whatever it is;  ‘install it at least a few days before’, ‘play with it lots before you start’,  ‘use customer service’ and /have the right devices on hand’; yeah, sound like a friendly piece of software already. Don’t forget ‘bonus activities!’ and I really don’t want to know what ‘fooling around with snap’ implies.

How ‘perfect’ is this nucleus of people too? We have the ‘geek’ with glasses on the computer,  the ‘granny’, the hot ‘housewife’ and the token ‘black guy’. This is so phony, with all these jostling quips and carrot sticks. No way would the black guy in the terrible green shirt ever hang with these weirdos. He’s overacting just to get himself through it [ie. the excessive head nods and hand gestures].  I think he is ripped too [ie. the excessive eating]. He’s kinda got that Forest Whittaker lazy eye, where I may or may not be cut look.  [I do like FW, just saying]

I think the white guy too makes a racist remark at the end …  ‘maybe by letting YOU be involved’, suggesting YOU as in ‘a black guy’. The group reaction even hams up this connotation. He smirks and rubs it in. I guessing that why they have disabled comments and ratings on this video.

There is some nice little editing fuck up if you watch closely also which are quite funny. At 1.19, the black guy is holding a strawberry. At 1.22 he’s holding something yellow in the opposite hand. 1. 25 back to strawberry. 1.34, back to yellow thing. Also 1.10, laptop lid open, 1.12 laptop lid closed, 1.30 laptop lid open [with continuous conversation and no movement]. Classy work.

All-and all, dumb. Another brilliant microsoft idea. Why would you spend all your time at a party hunched around a computer? < have fun out there!!>. Fucktards.

A nice little article about it here


UPDATE – Another good article from the NZ Herald. Apparently it is completely real. I didn’t pick up on the hours elasping on the oven stove to point to heavy editing of this supposed relaxed computer party of wankery


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Or is this the real version:

Comment by mattd

Classic. That dirty old woman and her fooling around with ‘devices’. It gets creepy at the end

Comment by themachobox

“jostling quips and carrot sticks” great song lyric!

Comment by Alex

[…] I thought was worth also another mention, ie. these bizarre Windows 7 parties. In the copy I wrote for this I suggested these parties were […]

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