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15 inspiring humans [part 3 of 3]
October 31, 2009, 5:59 am
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Ok, the final part in my inspiring humans series, with five more profiled. I’ve been putting this one off due to a backlog of other shit to do. Anyway without further ado or additional loquacious description, lets get straight into it. Note, with this one I’ve decided to be a lot less wordy and let the names, images and links etc do the job instead:


[click on image to enlarge]

11. Travis Louie

Travis Louie has described that most of his strange characters spring simply from writings in his journals. They are expressions of  human oddity, mythical otherworldliness,  and all presented strangely as formal grand hinted portraits of Victorian and Edwardian times. What is noticeable especially with Louie’s work is he easily the greatest painter of hair in living existence, all characters meticulously fur-rendered to the extent where it almost becomes the focus of the work. Bizarre. [link to Louies site]

*   *   *


[click on image to enlarge]

12. Ray Caesar

Caesar’s work, by nature, is of similiar vein to Mark Ryden or Marion Peak; big-headed child like characters set within strange, dream-like settings or historical and art historical reference. Some are particularly creepy I think down to the somewhat vacant or plastic expressions of each character. A beautiful body of work though with amazing attention to detail light and pattern. [link to Caesars site]

*   *   *

tara mcpherson

[click on image to enlarge]

13. Tara McPherson.

McPherson is an amazing illustrator / artist / designer with an extensive body of work consisting of everything from comics to designer toys to band posters to 12 colour process silkscreen fine art prints. She has a number of recurring motifs [heart hollow-chests, toothed mountains, skulled flowers] and female characters all shaped within a beautifully warm palette. She talked at Semi-Permanent [Melbourne] and was brilliant. A true rock chick with an amazing work history. More on this to come. [link to Tara’s site]

*   *   *


[click on image to enlarge]

14. Robert Gligorov.

I like Gligorov’s body of photographic for the simple reason that it makes me smile. Whether it’s reconstructed and configured iconic photo and painting such as the Guevara portrait or Magritte’s  shoe or other odd things like a guy pashing a dog or erection sheet ghosts and the more obvious banana penis.  Great. [link to site]

*   *   *


[click on image to enlarge]

15. Isabel Samaras.

Isabel Samaras works are a homage to every aspect of pop culture but especially that of vintage family tv and fairytales. Her schtick is to marry stories and figures from film and tele with landmark paintings for art history. For example making a martyor of Peewee Herman or the annunciation of christ with the Munster as adoring auidence. Definitely more witty than  funny and like their classical reference, all beautifully detailed and eerily romantic. Check out an video interview with Samaras here and if you can, pick up her book On Tender Hooks. Well worth the dosh. [link to Samaras’ site]

*   *   *

This is by no means a thorough and necessarily accurate list [as my interests always change]. A large number were not profiled, not by one being better than the other, just really that there has to be limits and whether people read this not [as there have been no comments on the previous posts, i’m guessing not], things have to always come to an end. To finish this I will make mention of some honorable mentions which I will just link to but not describe as I can’t be bothered.

Honorable Mentions

In my selection process I choose not to go for my big three all-time favourite artists, namely, Chris Ware,  Jeff Soto and Shepard Fairey as they already are all fairly well known. Others of notable mention, in no particular order:

and well as many many more …

– this list is would be even longer if I took into account the new great stuff I encountered on my recent trip, though i’ll leave mention of those for future posts


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great blog Scott. Thanks for the insight into the artists. I much enjoyed the inspiring human series… good work.

Comment by carmelo blandino

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