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30 Rock its funny! Who woulda thought?
November 9, 2009, 9:35 am
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I’d never really watched or got 30 Rock until recently [my friends Stuart and Sam put me on to it] and well it’s actually bloody funny. Most tv is pretty lame but I think this is one smart show with great, well acted character especially Liz Lemon played by its creator the gorgeous Tina Fey and Jack Donaghy played by Alec Baldwin. My favourite character though would be Dr Spaceman [pronounced Spac-chem-man] who is pretty much a live version of Dr Nick Riviera however, in many ways a lot worse. Here’s a medley of his best bits:

The character Tracy Jordan [played by Tracy Morgan] is also pretty classic. He’s an ex-movie actor recruited into NBC show, The Girlie Show [which 30 Rock essentialy revolves around]. He is known for his erratic madcapness and weird history and fallouts with other celebrities. Plenty of memorable lines but probably more funny is the names of his slew of old movies he has done [which all loosely reference existing movies] namely: Who Dat NinjaBlack Cop/White CopHonky Grandma be Trippin’President HomeboyFat Bitch (“She’s off the leash!”), and Samurai I Amurai. I think alot of these would actually make pretty sweet films.

tracy jordan


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