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Bye bye …
November 10, 2009, 7:12 am
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Picture 1Sorry guys, it’s nothing personal. I’ve just made the decision to let go of this commitments indefinitely as it’s too much of a distraction. At times also its a bit of a scary place with all the annoying advertising, and compulsive reminders and suggestions. Also social media is the worst and lowest kind of design for me, if you can even call it design. It just seems to expose the worst in people.

So yeah, I don’t need it at the moment in what will be quite a busy time ahead for me. I would like to think that I can still socially function in the world without it.

Don’t forget about me team. For those who care enough will know how to contact me anyway … hopefully.


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Fair enough. If I was strong enough, I’d break it off too.

Comment by Luci

So it was you!

Comment by NotKate

Jesus! Look at the guilt trip Facebook tries to lay on you! “Your friends are no longer going to be able to keep in touch with you.” Lame.

Comment by Mark

Yeah what douchebags. They assume that without Facebook you can no longer function in the ‘real’ word. Your abandoning friends!

Comment by themachobox

what ees thees ‘facey book’?

Comment by Alex

dawg, you don’t even wanna know. Its like digital syphilis

Comment by themachobox

I was wondering where you’d gone.

Comment by Sam Flaherty

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