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November 12, 2009, 8:09 am
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I am slight addicted to the game CANABALT. It’s a free online non frills game where you basically run from left to right, jumping over stuff and from building to building. To be successful in the game really relies on momentum. If you hit things they slow you down which consequentially means you jump less far. This is important because as you progress things get harder and the gaps between buildings get further apart.


There are a number of extra distractions in the game – buildings collapse, flocks of birds flying away, bits of plane crashing in front of you or buzzing by and the whole screen shaking [which is the most unnerving]. The game also isn’t the same either, everytime you play it, so you can necessarily memorize the jumps.

My high score so far is 3210m before tumbling to my death. Pretty shit, but see if ya can beat me. The game isn’t as easy as it sounds. Pretty addictive though.

Link to game … PLAY PLAY


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Whoa, so addictive. I managed to get to 4299 before I missed one of those big windows and smushed into a wall.

Comment by Luci

the bits where you have to time perfectly your jump into the passageway are usually what get me, especially if ya motoring

Comment by themachobox


Comment by themachobox


Comment by themachobox


Comment by themachobox

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