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November 14, 2009, 3:22 am
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While I was away recently I bought quite a lot of stuff, mostly small stuff, books, magazines, stuffed toys and more. Enough though to be pretty heavy, baggage-wise by the end of the trip. And this is some of it:

enid and kongAs many know, I have a thing for designer toys, especially ones which derive from graphic novel characters.  I picked up this Little Enid from Outre Gallery in Darlinghurst, Sydney, as well as this King Ken [which I already have one of, but not in this colour].

tazmaniandevilI’m not that much in stuffed toys [well as sort of adult now] but got these as they were well made and just pretty cute. I picked up some others as gifts but could of easily just kept them for myself [a snow leopard, rhino, wild dog, a flying rat thing and a pretty sweet cassawary]. These are from the gift shops at Melbourne and Perth zoo. Nice little mementos of my visit [as well as the photos which i’ll post soon].  This is a Tasmanian devil, obviously  [pretty cool eh?] …    elephant

an Elephant …


and an Orangutan. [rangas are my favourite animal]

drawing stuffsmPicture 1I picked up a shit load of drawing stuff – pens, refills, nibs [I found a copic one which is only 0.03mm!], a proper calligraphic pen, nibs and ink well and more. Most of what I got come from two great stores – the stationary section of Kinokunya [link – the best bookstore  i’ve ever been to] and a excellent art and crafts supplies store in Melbourne called Eckersley’s [link].

IMG_2828And of course some books and magazines. Australia has definitely got it going on in terms of highend art, design, illustration mags. Two of the best being Wooden Toy [link]and King Brown [link]. I also got given by Mr Medley this sweet infographic book, Atlas of Shrinking Cities.

With the Semi-Permanent rego we got a compendium book as well as some other varios stickers, postcards etc. The event had a number of stalls with many tempting books esp. I think I show quite a lot of restraint there, just getting away with a copy of Life Lounge [link]; another strong Australian mag. Also got a copy of Tattoo Mystique by Angelique Houtkamp, Lost Constellation by Tara McPherson [both from Outre Melbourne] as well as books by Mark Ryden and Nathan Jurvious [Scary Girl].


Graphic novels, just a couple  – a compendum book of Achewood by Chris Onstad called the Worst Song, played on the Ugliest Guitar, and Sublife from an artist I hadn’t encountered before John Pham [link], very cool. Also got a three pack of sketchbook reproductions by Art Spiegelman.

Woohoo. Buying cool shit is fun.


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I love those soft toys!!!!!

Comment by Cassie

You like how I made them look like they were in the jungle or a zoo? I know its just a backyard in South D, but same diff

Comment by themachobox

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