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Photos from Fitzroy
December 6, 2009, 1:20 am
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Recently while I was in Melbourne I spent one of my days there wandering around Fitzroy taking photos of graffiti / street art. Fitzroy has such a great vibe and seems to embrace the arts community with open arms. Here are some photo highlights:


And some non-graffiti snaps:

A boutique store window which has pegged-up polaroids of I guess are themed on customers things they like

Alot of buildings in Fitzroy have this weathered paint work (which actually looks pretty wicked). This one even had a giant baby doll tacked to it

A cute puppy which followed me around for a bit. Was rewarded with pats and belly rub.

And me doing my thang

…  to see lots more check out my Flickr stream


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Comment by NotKate

I don’t get it?

Comment by themachobox

Garth…. Michael Knight’s evil twin with a moustache… from Knight Rider (the latter episodes).

He’s in one of the pictures. He drove a big bad truck.

(I think Garth was his name).

Comment by NotKate

Comment by NotKate

I’ve seen most of those (I live in Fitzroy). They’re great aren’t they 🙂

Comment by kittenofdoom

Lucky. I was only there for one day but fell in love with place. Such a great vibe and one of the best kebab i’ve ever had [at Lamb on Brunswick] + the outstanding street art

Comment by themachobox

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