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Unicycle World Championships
January 3, 2010, 3:01 am
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Wow, it seems every mad unicycler has descended on Wellington this week for the Unicycle World Championships and Convention (UniconXV). The event seems to have a very competitive vibe but also very friendly. While on the way back from a visit to Wellington Zoo we caught some of the events briefly at the Newtown Athletics track.

High Jump and Freestyle

Gliding (I think it is called) – basically they get a run-up and see how long they can balance with no hands or peddling

Downhill – this looks the hardest and the most likely event to get injured from. Unfortunately we didn’t see anyone get caned.

Long Jump – this guy got pretty irate (I think they balls up his measuring)

Just before we headed back to town after having a gander at the festivities, a Unicycler ‘Mom’ (from Chicago) was going around the carpark asking for a lift back to her hostel. My sister obliged  and we got the low down of all the events, prices and types of unicycles. Apparently there is about 5 or so different types of unicycles for the various events – speed bikes, jumping bikes, long distance / marathon bikes, freestyle and tricks bikes. Who knew? Her sons who were in the games, apparently were pretty fanatical and had 3 bikes each. She had other Unicycle factoids which were pretty interesting but they slip my mind now.


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