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Working on It
January 18, 2010, 6:45 am
Filed under: design

Over the next while there may be the odd display issue as i’ll be tinkering with CSS to hopefully make this beast a little better. So bare with me. I will still posting but sometimes things may look a little odd even completely bonkers. Let me know if things are looking majorly fucked for an extended period, especially if you are using Firefox or heaven forbid, Internet Explorer on Windows.  If only every browser could render everything properly like Safari does.

One change you may have noticed already is I’ve managed to work out how to get rid of those fucking red borders around the images as they appear in Firefox, Camino and probably Internet Explorer. If your are interested how, and are using the Benevolence theme, simply pop the following in your CSS [if you have got the paid CSS upgrade]:

img { border: 0; }

If you don’t have the upgrade you can still do it, you just have to do it image by image. For an image inserted into a post,  click to the image in the editor, then choose ‘Advanced Settings’ and set the border value to ‘zero’.  Note this will only stick if you are using Camino or Firefox.

Ah, small victories.


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