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John K is da man!
January 19, 2010, 6:59 am
Filed under: animation, art, comics, drawing, inspiring humans

How cool in John K? John who you say … heathens!  Mr John K (Kricfalusi) is the creator of the great Ren and Stimpy and Ripping Friends, founder of Spumco studio and a prominent animation historian, writer (John K Stuff) and teacher. Anyways I thought I’d give him a mention because recently a great letter John wrote to a fan in 1998 has cropped up and been posted on Letters of Note . The eight-page letter is a written response to a 14 year old, which encourages him to continue with his interest in animation and provided illusted hints and tips. He also sent him a personalised drawings and a instructional book. Wow what a guy. He must received hundreds of letters a years and actually personally respond to this degree, wow! Here is the second page and the drawing:

If you want to read the rest of the letter its over at Letters of Note [link] or click on the image below where i’ve combined all the pages:

John K, what a wicked fella. Major props! I say this because out of all the people i’ve tried to contact similarly  [who inspires me] , non of them have ever replied [apart from Paul Hornschemeier].


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