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Michael Jackson Art Gallery
January 24, 2010, 12:52 pm
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I know we are probably pretty sick of all the Michel Jackson stuff recently, with his unfortunate passing but here one snippet of intersting which I thought I would quickly pass on…

The art of David Nordahl has cropped up in the internet news recently, because of his large body of commissioned paintings for Michael Jackson. The Telegraph UK posted a gallery of his MJ work which, to say lightly are shocking and creepy but not wholly surprising.

For someone (MJ) who controlled his image so closely during his career, these works definitely show his strong direction. Predictably a lot of the paintings feature young children, where they show him in a fatherly way; frolicking, loving, and nurturing. The other most dominate and more interesting feature are the far-fetched historical themings, such as MJ being knighted [or with excalibur?], in Renaissance or Elizabethan get up or as a draped deity surrounded by cherubs. <Shudder>. The paintings, technically are beautiful and not to take anything away from Nordahl, are crazy. Note also that Nordahl is only one of many artist MJ used throughout his life. Here’s a sampler of Nordahl’s MJs [I think most of these are his]:

Modelled on Michelangelo’s David and ET?
MJ leading a bunch of kids along a yellow brick road…


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