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Robot Unicorn Attack
February 19, 2010, 10:48 am
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Robot Unicorn Attack [link] – This game is even more addictive than the mighty Canabalt. It has everything that is great and magical about the world… Unicorns, Stars, Rainbows, and Robots. Same premise as canabalt, of jumping from platform to platform but with a colour and a different soundtrack… namely ‘Always‘ by Erasure

This is my current high score … pretty shit in comparison to the worldwide highscores. My best single run is 20300.


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New high score: 50966 and New longest single run: 33136

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Comment by themachobox


Comment by themachobox


Comment by themachobox


Comment by themachobox

85142! [and new single run high of 41172!]

Comment by themachobox

88144! [and new single run high of 48072!]

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111836! and highest single run of 77108 and 33 consecutive stars

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