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February 22, 2010, 10:11 am
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MousePath – a nice wee java app which runs in the background while you work, graphically tracking your mouse movements. Mousepaths is designed by Anatoly Zenkov. He is currently designing a better interface for the app. He has also just recently changed the name of of the app to ‘IOGraph’. You can track the development of the app here as well as see examples of its results.

You can download three versions of the app currently:

Simply download and double click to a run and your away.

I’ve had a go with it, running the app for five extended stints [4 hours or more]. Interesting to see how there are certain any patterns / tendencies in my work:

#1 – 10 hours [mostly web-based work and some photoshopping]

-pretty much all over the screen

#2 – 4 hours [mostly InDesign and Photoshop and some web-based work]

-mostly to the leftside of the screen and pulling towards the subselect tool in the top left hand corner

#3 – 4 hours [Illustrator and Robot Unicorn Attack]

-again pull towards subselect and pentool. The big blobs are inactivity while playing Unicorn Attack.

#4 – 7 hours [Illustrator, email and some web work]

-subselect, pentool, free transform, eyedropper in illustrator mostly. Tracking along the bottom is running over the dock.

#5 – 7 hours [Illustrator, web work and Robot Unicorn Attack]

– pen tool, subselect again. I should really commit these shortcut keys to memory.


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Mmm hey pretty nice Photoshop textures!

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