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A Bit of Lego Fun
November 7, 2010, 5:46 am
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Recently, I bought a Lego Star Wars At-At. For some reason I’ve gotten in to Lego in a big way this year (after never having it as a kid). I guess it’s another excuse to get into Star Wars but actually its the whole building, problem solving, tactile gesture I’m finding quite strangely therapeutic. Time flies when I’m playing with Lego. Generally Lego seems quite expensive, but I think it is good value for money for what you get out of it. A wee hint, buy your lego on ebay or the like instead of through shops here – you end up saving a big whack of money. The only thing really is the postage which can be quite varied depending on the package size.

This model is a big build. 1137 pieces in total. The first, necessary thing to do is unpack and sort your pieces into type. I ended up spreading everything out on 11 trays and using another to build it on.

The final build. Comes with 4 mini-figures- a repelling Luke Skywalker (with light saber), a Snow Trooper, General Veers and the At-At driver.  

One of the main reason for getting the At-At was that it’s motorized, with slow but fairly faithful walking action. Very cool, as you can see here (yeah, it did fall over in the last frame, standing on the corner of the laptop):

Pretty much the same thing as the original movie 🙂


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