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Going to America
June 12, 2011, 9:08 am
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Hey, I’m currently planning a trip to the United States. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time. The motives for doing the trip now, this year, I can’t expose just yet but the reasons nonetheless are result of something positive I have done for myself.

I’m hoping to be there for a month or so; I’m traveling by myself so the trip is completely on my terms as to what I see and do. I have an idea of where I want to go internally though would love suggestions from everyone especially from locals or recent visitors on where else I could go along my rough paths or what within each city is worth checking out or local tips and tricks or people that would like to meet up.

My current trip takes me from:

> San Francisco, CA > Austin, TX (maybe) > Chicago, IL > Portland, OR > Vancouver, Canada (maybe) > Los Angles, CA >

Although I would like to go to Boston as well, I’m not planning at this stage to go any further east than Chicago.

My keyword/ phrases for the trip are:

‘culture’, the ‘lowbrow arts’, ‘history’, ‘comics’, ‘music’, ‘folk arts’, ‘craft arts’, ‘design’, ‘illustration’, ’boutique’, ‘bespoke’, ‘networking’, ‘toys’, ‘books’, ‘zoos’, ‘walking’, ‘good public transport’, ‘galleries’, ‘museums’, ‘events’, ‘street art’, ‘relaxation’,   … + maybe some more to come

Any one who has a suggestion or comment please either contact me by,

– dropping me a comment on this post
– messaging me on Facebook
– tweeting or private messaging me on Twitter
– emailing me at: scott(dot)savage(at)orcon(dot)net(dot)nz


Castro’s Dog Day at the beach
January 6, 2011, 9:33 am
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These photos were taken during a series of three trips to the Petone Dog beach over the holiday break. My pup Castro is becoming a pretty strong lil’ swimmer. He looks like a wee skinny drowned rat when wet though. Pretty funny. The other two dogs are Honey and Layla. I’ve posted photos of them previously (here) and (here) of past trips to the beach.

The Nest
October 27, 2010, 7:59 am
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A couple of weeks back I went on this weekend workshop in Wellington with INNZ. During the weekend we went to various sites around the capital; Wellington Zoo, Carter Observatory, Zelandia, and TePapa. The highlight of the weekend was definitely The Nest, Wellington Zoo’s animal hospital and centre for native wildlife.

The Nest is set up so that Zoo visitors can see real veterinary procedures, care and check-ups through glass walled surgical units which face on  to a gallery.

We got a tour through the building by Oliver from the zoo. It was very cool. (one of the surgical room in the background).

With the units open view they are not meant to be filtered in anyway for kids. It caters for both learning and real circumstance. The odd animal may unfortunately come in in bad condition (from the zoo and wellington area) and viewer get to see it all.. People are encouraged to ask questions by clicking a button on the window. The vets are micced up to answer questions and talk through what they are doing with the animals.

In front of each unit (as well as the adjoining lab) are some nice infographic panels which explain the mechanics of each space.

When there is nothing happening (the unit only runs on certain hours of the day) they have a video running outside with x-rays up to view.

The two veterinary /surgical units. I can’t remember the different purposes of each.

As well as the veterinary /surgical units there is a research lab open to view too, with some ‘nice’ preserved specimens.

Within the building there are caged / enclosure areas (not as grim as it looks), split in to native and exotic (i think) as well as a salt water pool meaning they treat all types of animals.

Other nice little touches … noticed this cool box unit on the way out. Simple but effective idea.

More on the Nest here.

October 21, 2010, 1:43 am
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Castro is hanging with his cousins Honey and Layla for the week. He’s having a blast and fits right in.

Dog[s] Day Afternoon [at the Beach]
January 16, 2010, 9:10 am
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Some snaps from 2 trips to Petone dog beach with my sisters dogs Honey [gold] and Layla [black].

It was pretty windy. Check out the ears.

Having a tussle.

Honey usually wins in stick tugging.

Honey is not keen on sharing.

A very strong swimmer.

I could say something racist here but I won’t.

Sticks too heavy.

Laylas sea otter impersonation.

Finally wins one.

There are many more photos of the pups at the beach here over at my Flickr account. Check out also my previous photos taken of Honey at the beach when she was much smaller.

Wellington Zoo
January 10, 2010, 12:59 pm
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A few snaps from my recent trip to Wellington Zoo:

White Heron with some impressive plumage.

Otters. There was a terrorist attack on the otter enclosure while we were there, with a piece of broken toy gun threatening on the rocks. Mad panic and conspiracy theories were running rampant among Zoo staff.

If Llamas could talk I’m sure they would be fucking hilarious.

Malaysian Sun Bear [1 of 2] in the process of loosing balance.

The Baboon enclosure in the most impressive part of Wellington zoo with about 20 or more of them in there.  There was a massive rumble and chase while we were there. It was very brutal and loud.

This bub is only 3 days old. A very protective mother.

This Baboon is the ‘King Dick’ of the enclosure.

Chimpanzee Mum letting it all hang out, sun-bathing on very hot day.

Same Mum with cheeky youngin’.

The Zoo even had a couple of Fillys.

Cigarette Head in Wellington
January 3, 2010, 5:08 am
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A sweet paste up in Wellington I spotted. I like the additional comment also. Cheers Judge for the lend of the camera.